In 1962 Sir McFarland Burnett stated, ‘By the end of the Second World War it was possible to say that almost all of the major practical problems of dealing with infectious disease had been solved.’ At that time, his statement was logical. Control and prevention measures had decreased the incidence of many infectious diseases, and with the ability to continue to identify new antibiotics, to handle new problems, and the ongoing development of appropriate vaccines, his statement appeared to be appropriate.

Far from that, more than 60 years later, emerging and re-emerging infections have become a significant worldwide problem. Factors such as human demographics, increased travel and, specially, microbial and fungal adaptation and change have made infectious diseases more difficult to deal with.

The problem of emerging infections is well exemplified by the many examples of new and emerging infectious diseases that have impacted upon localized populations and/or geographical areas over the past several decades. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)/AIDS, first identified in 1981, portrays the significant impact that an infectious disease can have on the world. Presently HIV/AIDS is the fourth leading cause of death in the world and it remains the leading cause of death in Africa. The economic havoc it has created worldwide is frightening and its impact upon all peoples will remain embedded on mankind for decades. More geographically localized, but still creating worldwide concern, have been the haemorrhagic fevers, Nipah virus, and monkeypox. And more recently sudden acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) exemplifies how the occurrence of a new and dangerous infectious disease can monopolize governmental activities, cause fear and hysteria, have a significant impact on the economy throughout the world and on the freedom of movement of people.

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