The first Latin American advanced medicines company

<span>The first Latin American advanced medicines company</span>

Who we are

We are the first Latin-American biopharmaceutical company based on innovation. We develop, manufacture and commercialize advanced medicines, aimed at treating truly unmet medical needs.

Headquartered in Montevideo, Uruguay and with presence in 10 countries throughout the region, GBT offers an unparalleled infrastructure among its peers. We are a team of more than 600 scientists, doctors, pharmacists, regulatory professionals, sales and marketing experts, access specialists and dedicated support people spread throughout the region who make their lives’ purpose to enhance lives and restore hopes to patients with severe and debilitating conditions.

We focus on products that make a difference for doctors’ practices and transform lives in profound and meaningful ways. Our main areas of operations are oncology, onco-hematology, severe infectious diseases, genetic and rare conditions as well as immunology and inflammation. Our products are among the most advanced medications available to mankind, launched at the same time as in the most developed markets in the world, like the United States, Europe and Japan.

To be able to do that, GBT is a pioneer in the region in Open Innovation. The most advanced concept in clinical research, Open Innovation recognizes that companies cannot go at it alone anymore. In an interconnected world, the science ecosystem became interdependent and porous. A modern research-based company can and should use external ideas as well as internal ideas as it looks to advance its technology. We work hard to keep the boundaries between GBT’s research and its environment permeable, so innovations can easily transfer inward and outward. We routinely establish clinical partnerships with some of the most innovative biopharmaceutical companies in the world, which we complement with technology created in our own state of the art research and development laboratories, as well as partnerships with local and international universities and research centers.

As a result, GBT’s portfolio of medicines is comprised of truly cutting-edge technology that makes a difference for more than 200,000 doctors and more than 800,000 patients every year. Patients that can aspire to receive the benefits of truly modern medicine and, more importantly, to live longer and more meaningful lives.