The first Latin American advanced medicines company

The first Latin American advanced medicines company


Group Biotoscana believes that we are all responsible for the company’s reputation. Thus, it is indispensable that our actions are guided by ethics, transparency and good compliance practices, all of which are essential values for protection of the organization’s image and strengthening of a trustful relationship with our stakeholders. With this, we are able to be closer to our clients and partners, seek new opportunities for growth, conduct long-term business and reinforce the efficiency of the company work.

In light of this, we are constantly working to spread a culture based on integrity and respect for the law, by means of a solid Compliance Program that includes continuous training of our collaborators with the purpose of providing information to make them able to mitigate possible risks to our business.

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GBT‘s Reporting Channels

Please use one of the following channels to report violations of our Code of Conduct and Ethics that support our Compliance Program:




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Brasil: 0800 033 3307
Chile: 188 800 201392
Colombia: 01800 9547004
Costa Rica: 0800 5425439
Ecuador: 1 800 000932
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