World Pancreatic Cancer Day

World Pancreatic Cancer Day

Demand better. For patients. For survival.

Montevideo, Uruguay, November 15, 2018. To honor the World Pancreatic Cancer Day, celebrated on November 15th, GBT Grupo Biotoscana join the cause by raising awareness and educating on the disease.

The pancreatic cancer has the lowest survival rate among all major cancers¹. Every day more than 1,250 people worldwide will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer².

The symptoms of pancreatic cancer are often vague and may at first appear to be associated with other less serious and more common conditions, such as abdominal pain, mid-back pain, unexplained weight loss, jaundice, loss of appetite, nausea, indigestion, changes in stool and new-onset diabetes.

The cause of the majority of pancreatic cancer cases is unknown. There is evidence that age, being overweight, pancreatitis, smoking, diabetes and family history of pancreatic cancer may increase the risk of the disease.

We need more attention, awareness and progress to help patients fight and survive this disease. GBT join the cause to Demand Better in the fight against the world’s toughest cancer.

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