The first Latin American advanced medicines company

The first Latin American advanced medicines company


Research and Development

The global science ecosystem that pushes the boundaries of clinical research has shifted. While a decade ago innovation was coming from global giants that developed and delivered new products from their own labs, in the past decade, innovation has shifted to small, entrepreneurial biopharmaceutical companies and academia. It has transformed from a system of a handful of global giants, working in isolation, into a buoyant ecosystem of small R&D houses, regional pharmaceutical companies and academia collaborating and partnering to bring to life some of the most innovative products that humankind has ever known.

Given this shift in paradigm, GBT has been engineered to follow a different R&D pathway. As do some of the most innovative companies in the world, GBT purposively manages knowledge flows across organizational boundaries, using pecuniary and non-pecuniary mechanisms, to ensure its technology takes advantage at all times of the best the world has to offer in clinical innovation.

GBT embraces Open Innovation at its core. A large portion of GBT’s pipeline is sourced by partnering with biotechnology and other pharmaceutical companies worldwide. We complement this process with our own proprietary R&D efforts to drive strong R&D productivity and deliver truly innovative therapies that transform lives and restore hopes across the Latin American region.

By using Open Innovation, GBT is able to deliver a level of innovation comparable to the world’s most advanced companies.

GBT has long-standing partnerships with global leaders of the quality and prestige of Basilea Pharmaceutica®, Biocad®, Celgene Corporation®, CSL Behring®, Dr. Falk Pharma®, Grupo Ferrer®, Gilead Sciences®, Leadiant Biosciences®, Pierre-Fabre Medicament® and Pint Pharma®. Our strong team of scientists and business development people tap permanently into the world’s innovation centers and into the region’s most knowledgeable physicians to evaluate hundreds of possible collaborations annually. At the same time, GBT has a proprietary team of more than 80 people fully dedicated the discovery, development and registration of new products, working on one of the most advanced research and development centers in the region. A very disciplined approach allows us to understand the most advanced research trends and determine which products will be more appropriate for the region and decide which to develop in-house and which are better candidates for collaboration.

Combining all its rich ecosystem, GBT currently has more than 50 research programs in different phases of development and some 150 molecules in commercial stage.