The first Latin American advanced medicines company

<span>The first Latin American advanced medicines company</span>

Oncology and Oncohematology

Oncology and onco-hematology are one of the areas of medicine with more advancement in modern medicine. Over the past fifty years of modern oncology, we have seen scientific advances and improved outcomes for patients, significantly increasing cancer survival and quality of life.

Cancer is one of the world’s most pressing health care challenges. On the whole, research progress from one year to the next is incremental, and true breakthroughs are exceptional. Nevertheless, every year brings new knowledge and insights that help direct further research and ultimately improve the outlook for patients with cancer. Nowadays, 7 out of 10 children are now cured of cancer! Childhood cancers respond well to chemotherapy as they are usually fast growing cancers, and most forms of chemotherapy affect quickly growing cells. Children‘s bodies are also largely better able to recover from higher doses of treatment than adults‘ bodies. Two out of three people are now living at least five years after their cancer has been diagnosed. Within the last decade alone, the response rates to treatments across all cancers have nearly doubled.

However, the forces that fueled this progress are not the same as those that will shape the future. Oncology leaders, scientists and clinicians agree: we are on the verge of a new age of cancer care, in which emerging scientific, technical and economic trends are likely to alter our work more significantly in the next 20 years than in the prior 50.

GBT is already working on bringing that future to life, with medicines that support oncologic treatment in several phases and degrees. State of the art therapies, such as Vidaza, Abraxane, Bozob, Zivalix, Olvestran make a difference on hundreds of patients in the region every year.

GBT remains committed to oncology at its core and will continue to develop life-transforming medicines for the region.

Products Molecules
Vidaza Azacitidina
Ladevina Lenalidomida
Zyvalix Acetato abiraterona
Mielozitidina Azacitidina
Votrynib Pazopanib
Bozob Bortezomib
Timab Imatinib
Enzastar Pemetrexed
Taxocris Paclitaxel
Capebina Capecitabina
Leprid Leuprolide acetato
Olvestran Fulvestrant
Tocitrap Temozolomida
Ciclofosfamida Ciclofosfamida
Carboplatino Carboplatino
Crisapla Oxaliplatino
Gestredos Gemcitabina
Doxplax Doxorubicina
Bendam Bendamustina
Rembre Dasatinib
Dolectran Docetaxel
Hidroxiurea Hidroxiurea
Tirleb Erlotinib
Dexameral Dexametasona
Itoxaril Irinotecan
Ciclamil Acetato de ciproterona
Cisplatino Cisplatino
Vincristina Vincristina
Ondansetron Ondansetron
Zolenico Acido zoledronico
Doxocris Doxorubicina
Leucocalcín Leucovorina
Metotrexato Metotrexato
Liberprost Bicalutamida
Oncocarbil Dacarbazina
Bleocris Bleomicina
Ifocris Ifosfamida
Citarabina Citarabina
Oncoemet Ondansetron
Azacitidina Azacitidina
Istodax Romidepsin
Epidoxo Epidoxorubicina
Mitomicina Mitomicina
Mestian Mesna
Fluorouracilo Fluorouracilo
Oncobleocin Bleomicina
Etocris Etoposido
Oncoterona Ciproterona
Vinarine Vinorelbina
Flutamida Flutamida
Crisafeno Tamoxifeno
Busilvex Busulfano
Dobicina Doxorubicina
Oxidina Decitabina
Oncocristin Vincristina
Anazta Anastrazol
Fulvestrant Fulvestrant
Cloficris Clofarabina
Oncotamox Tamoxifeno
Biotinib Imatinib
Oxaliplatino Oxaliplatino
Oxplar Oxaliplatino
Oncotan Irinotecan
Oncotabin Gemcitabina
Leucovorina Leucovorina
Gefitinib Gefilev
Ifosfamida Ifosfamida
Etoposido Etoposido
Dacarbazina Dacarbazina
Placlitax Paclitaxel
Cytaban Citarabina
Forclina Fludarabina
Leprofen Anastrozol
Leucocalcin Leucovorina
Oncaspar Pegaspargase
Oncoblastin Vinblastina
Abraxane Paclitaxel
Cabazitaxel Cabazitaxel
Oncofosfamida Ifosfamida
Pazopanib Pazopanib
Navelbine Vinorelbina
Javlor Vinflunina
Rituximab Rituximab
Vidaza GX Azacitidina
Lenvima Lenvatinib
Halaven Eribulin Mesilato
Karfib Carfilzomib
Xetrane Pomalidomida
Proren Sunitinib Malate
Bentaman Bendamustina HCL
Dalys Paclitaxel
Detavi Decitabina
Dreico L Acido Zoledronico
Efixano Irinotecan
Fecinole Letrozole
Fluradosa Fludarabina
Gysaty Bortezomib
Kigar Abiraterona Acetato
Lenomel Lenalidomida
Melfoma Melfalan Base
Peymetrel Pemetrexed
Plustaxano Docetaxel Anhidro
Sprytinib Dasatinib
Temola Temozolomida
Vek Imatinib Mesilato
Vilne Vinorelbina di Tartrato
Clobinea Clofarabina
Idarrubicina Idarrubicina
Oncotaxel Docetaxel
Mexnair Mesna
Sonefran Sorafenib
Tibonil Nilotinib
Palabocil Palbociclib
Tixiren Axitinib
Agomex Agomelatina
Dexamfor Dexametasona